Партнеры о нас

John Harrison
Marketing Director

Regent Language Training is the largest group of English language schools in the UK, and the only exclusive partnership arrangement Regent has in Russia is with Langford Travel. Langford Travel is not only the leading language travel agency in the region but one of the most well established providers in Russia.Langford has generated £100,000 of income for Regent in the last four years and has the unique ability to be as effective with corporate business as with junior markets or general adult clients. Langford as an agency is passionate about the care and welfare of its clients and as a result the end user is well informed about the cultural differences they can expect when living abroad which is of paramount importance. As a result Langford has contributed to the growth in language travel from Russia to the UK and consequently has had a positive effect on outgoing tourism from Russia and incoming tourism to the UK.

Study Group
Will Maciver
Regional Director

Langford Travel is Study Group's sole representative in the Nizhniy Novgorod region. Langford is the leading educational consultancy and language travel agent in the region and is also one of Russia's most successful and well known providers. This agent is successfully supplied with corporate business as well as with the core junior markets or general adult clientele.Langford is particular about the care and welfare of its clients and thus repeat business is a major strength of theirs.Over the years, Langford has contributed to the growth in language travel from Russia to the UK and consequently has had a positive effect on outgoing tourism from Russia and incoming tourism to the UK. Its reputation in Russia is first class and in the Nizhny Novgorod region at least they are the first port of call for all Russians keen to travel abroad for educational purposes. They can be thoroughly recommended.

Andrew Fisher
Managing Director

I would just like to mention how much of a joy it is to work with both yourself and all the staff at Langford, who are always so polite and informative. EAC very much enjoys working with Langford Travel, and offering our Language Courses through yourselves, to the students. Your organisation is very professional and promotes good relations between our companies at all times. I very much look forward to our business relationship continuing to grow so that we mutually profit and we can continue to offer quality education courses and International Summer Schools to more students.

Greta Musu
Sales Representative

You provide a top quality service to students and us which is fundamental in our industry. Thank you for working with us. And being patient in sorting things out! It is always a pleasure to hear a friendly voice at the end of the phone ;-)

Ecole des Roches, Франция
Administrative & Commercial Manager

We love working with LANGFORD TRAVEL. They are very experienced and trustworthy and I think they choose their staff well. They are very responsible for what they offer to their clients.

Easy School of Languages, Мальта
Kasia Parascandalo

We have been working with Langford agency for over a year and we received a group of junior students from them. Not only are they extremely efficient and professional, but the agency sends dedicated and responsible group leaders with their students. It is always a real pleasure to contact Langford with a question about a students and get a prompt and personalised response. We are amazed at how much care and attention to detail they pay to every single student. We are grateful for the trust and support of our school.

European School of English, Мальта
Alison Aquilina
Marketing Executive

Langford Travel is a reputable agency. They always demand high quality and since we value them as our partners we are highly motivated to provide them the best customer service. In return, they send us clients again and again.

ESL, Швейцария, Франция
Myriam Mermod

LANGFORD TRAVEL's staff always have a good understanding of our school's strengths and the student's expectations and they have them well matched. They have genuine interest in satisfying their customers' needs and put their customer over and above profits."

Enforex, Испания
Antonio Anadon

It is great you promote our school accurately and with enthusiasm. Ensuring students have a realistic expectation of what we offer and what their study experience will be like is something you do really efficiently.

Escuela de Idiomas Nerja, Испания
Luis Carrion

Escuela de Idiomas Nerja is collaborating with Langford Agency since this year 2006. We are delighted with this new russian representative for the following reasons:
First they visited our School and Residence which is very important in order to know each other and be able to inform russian clients properly. The comunication and deliver of clients details as well as the interest of their clients were excelent. We are sure we will even improve our business relationship in the near future.
Besides, the kindness of the owners makes the relationship easy and fruitfull.

Linguadue, Италия
Giorgia Biccelli

I can trust Langford Travel: they care, give feedback, good advice and communicate. And they know we will take care of their students. This makes for an excellent working relationship.

Linguagviva, Италия
Pietro Cifani
Marketing manager

Linguaviva Educational group is an Italian language provider with an extensive range of Italian language programmes. It is with great pleasure that we would like to confirm our long standing cooperation with the organisation Langford Travel. We have been working with Langford Travel for some time and we have had an extremely positive experience with the very high standard of their staff and the professional approach to work. The administration works efficiently and therefore we would like to recommend this qualified agency.

DID Deutsch-institut, Германия
Ludmila Hollmach
Sales Consultant / Eastern Europe

I am surprised how attentive you are to details. You really care about each individual client and spend a lot of time determining which school would be the right one. Thank you for sending your clients to DID. I am happy we have such a reliable partner in Nizhny Novgorod. And hope for Future cooperation.

T orbay Language Centre, Великобритания
Jules Bowles
Sales & Marketing

We have been enjoying a successful cooperation with langford Travel for 3 years. What I most like about them is that they always give us feedback. Generally when we do receive post-trip feedback from other agents it is only when it is negative. When we get positive feedback which we always do from Langford Travel it is useful as we really need to get confirmation that things are going fine.

Concorde International, Великобритания
John Hall
Home Language Tuition, England

LANGFORD TRAVEL is a perfect agent for us: a correct business partner who endeavours to be very precise and honest and always pays on time.